Why should I pick you?

Our small business model allows us to be completely transparent with you so you aren't left wondering when/if you will get your product. We constantly communicate with our customers to ensure that they know the entire process from placing the order to getting it delivered to their door. 

Are your items actually in stock?

Yes, we have a live inventory feed on our Shopify website that is constantly updated. If you're looking to preorder another card, please join our discord!

How do you guys ship an item out?

Orders are shipped via UPS from the distributors. You may choose between UPS Ground or Next Day Air. 

When can I expect my order?

Orders that are instock can take 3-5 business days to process and then we provide you the tracking number once it's shipped out from the distributor. 

What about for pre-orders? 

Please take a look at the ETA on each product description. The items are dropshipped from our distributors and we are actively working with them to have them allocated to you. The estimated time of arrival can change at any time and is not guaranteed. We do not oversell and as soon as they run out, we will take the item out of stock.

Do I need to sign for my packages?

We are not responsible for stolen or missing package so make sure someone is there to receive it on delivery day. 

Do you accept returns?


We do not accept any returns for any products. All items come with full manufacturer warranty.


How is this better than just buying from a main seller? How can you guarantee that you can get cards to people? 

We am completely transparent and upfront with what you will be receiving. We also do not allow pre-orders until we get confirmation from the distributor that cards will be allocated to us. 

Do you do international shipping?

At the moment, no. Please message to work something out. 

Which payment methods will you accept?

We accept most forms of credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, cryptocurrency,  etc.

Will you charge immediately or when order ships?

Charges will be required as soon orders are paid.

What are your Terms of Service?